Who we are & how we work

We are one of Nigeria’s pre-eminent law firms, with significant depth and range of resources across the country and other African nations.

We pride ourselves on our approachable and having a team-based way of working. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, which include corporates from all the commercial and industrial sectors, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organisations.
We provide them with the highest-quality advice and legal insight, which combines the Firm's global standards with in-depth local expertise.

Many of the leading organisations look to TRAIX Solicitors not just for legal expertise but for advice on business critical issues. They place us in this position of trust because:

• We expect our people to put the interests of our clients first: we invest in understanding client organisations, their operating context and the opportunities and challenges they face.
• We give practical advice: we draw on the huge range and depth of our expertise to develop commercial, effective solutions for clients.
• We believe in the power of teams, rather than individuals: to secure successful outcomes, we bring together groups of people with just the right mix of sector, product and jurisdictional knowledge.
• We invest for the future: we have always taken the view that we must invest today to build the firm our clients will need 15, 20 or more years into the future.

As a leader in our field, we are rightly held to high standards in all we do. We are committed to inspiring the trust of our stakeholders by making Responsible Business a central part of our strategy.

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Delivering value to our clients

At TRAIX Solicitors, we are committed to delivering a world-class service - providing the highest quality advice and support efficiently and effectively, every time.

Our clients are at the heart of how we work. Understanding what our clients value and aligning with their needs determines our approach. We invest heavily to ensure that clients benefit from our formidable knowledge and market insights, that they have access to the best team for the job, and that we bring the right processes and advanced technologies to bear in each situation.

To do this, we have put innovation at the heart of the firm's strategy. Under the leadership of our Managing Consultant, Moses Oruaze Dickson, we are in constant dialogue across our teams, with clients, suppliers and industry thought leaders to identify and adopt new ways of working that enable us to enhance our service and add value to our clients. We are building a culture where we always ask ourselves, "How could we do this better".

Collaboration is fundamental to our success. We regularly join forces with industry innovators, breakthrough technologists, established market players and take particular pride in working closely with our clients to set new standards.

Our Story

As a firm, we look to the future rather than to the past.
Even though we are a new company, we have achieved a lot of milestones in the industry- one in which we are proud of. Founded in 2016, TRIAX SOLICITORS was registered with the name TIRAX SOLICITORS and later changed to its current name TRIAX SOLICITORS to reflect its tripartite efficiency and diversity.

In our short existence, we have worked with top organizations across various industries including oil and gas, construction, advertising and entrepreneurship.
We are constantly evolving and working to build a sustainable and innovative legal solutions in the economy of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Community & pro bono

We are committed to supporting the communities where we do business by widening access to justice, education and finance. We collaborate with clients, NGOs and charities to deliver these community outreach and pro bono services, with partner-led, client-focused teams.

Our community outreach and pro bono strategy focuses on providing the best possible support to our NGO and charity clients, whilst at the same time expanding the capabilities of our people and strengthening relationships, partnership and collaboration. Our initiatives provide all of our people, at all levels, with opportunities to practise and enhance the skills that are key to their development, making them more effective and well-rounded.

One way we measure the impact of this commitment is by setting ourselves an annual target of helping 10,000 people a year. We have a varied programme of community and pro bono activities, which focus on access to justice, access to education and access to finance.

Our clients range from local community-based organisations to global NGOs, with whom we have developed long-term, strategic relationships. We collaborate with leading businesses who share our values to enhance the support we offer.

As well as volunteering our time and services, we provide financial support to charities through the Goldcoast Foundation.

Our principles

We have identified and embedded across our firm the core elements that make up our unique culture – the TRAIX DNA'. These values, designed to unite, differentiate and help drive priorities and strategic action, make up the 5 TRAIX Solicitors Principles.

Exceeding clients' expectations
We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing commercially focused legal advice of the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations.

Local excellence, global standards
We ensure we can benefit our clients by combining the highest global standards of business and law with local excellence of service and by maintaining the depth, quality and scale of resources necessary to meet our clients' needs whenever and wherever they arise.

Investing in talent
To deliver on our commitment to our clients, we recruit and develop the best people. We believe that, by delivering great client service, we will be involved in the most interesting and challenging client work and, as a result, achieve the reputation and the high levels of profitability which are essential to attracting and retaining the best people.

An adaptable and approachable team
We believe in the power of collaboration, collegiality and teamwork, and we have an open, approachable style. We expect our people to be flexible and creative and to have the desire and drive to embrace new experiences and challenges. We require everyone to put the interests of our clients and the Firm before their own.

Thinking ahead
To be at the forefront of the legal profession requires foresight, a desire to share ideas and a willingness to have a voice on issues of importance. We have the confidence to challenge existing thinking and to push boundaries.

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To help clients achieve their goals by providing high-quality, ethically sound legal counsel and strategic advice. We work with clients to understand their objectives, resolve current issues and proactively anticipate and prevent future problems. We are committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective legal services with a focus on communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail.


To be the leading law firm in South-South, Nigeria. We endeavor to build our Firm’s reputation by satisfying each of our clients’ needs – one client, and one successful outcome, at a time.

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